Sunday, March 4, 2018

Race recap-Hyannis? more like Low-annis :p

This is the email I sent to my coach about the Hyannis Half marathon this weekend-Enjoy!

When it rains, it pours (how cliche' 😝)
Anyways going into the weekend-
I'm not sure if you remember me saying last night that my legs just felt off, but eh they just do. I felt it in my shake out run and I definitely felt it today. I was also feeling that "shallow breathing" feeling, I'm not sure if you know what I'm talking about. Basically I feel like I have to cough, but it won't help if I did cough. Anyways, I felt it yesterday and I felt it today, but I'm not sure how much that all affected anything, but felt it was worth noting. I told myself I thought I didn't feel 100% before Super Sunday 5miler and I crushed it so I tried not to think too much on it.
I probably could have gotten better sleep but it wasn't terrible. I felt pretty good in the morning. Ate a bagel with butter (peanut butter gives me stomach aches if I have it before I work out.) Drank water, tried to stretch it out and just get ready. I went on my warm up run and I realized pretty quickly there was nothing warm about this warm up -BAH DUM CHING! I ran back to the house with Chris and changed my socks and thought maybe putting sandwich bags on them would help. (I think it did? If you have any hot tips (HA more puns) on avoiding wet feet, please share!)
So race start was pretty uneventful. I probably should have started closer to the front because you know how packed it is. I just tried to keep it on pace the best I could. I would say the next couple of miles were pretty uneventful. I felt ok but my breathing was a little forced. However, I really try to channel that yoga breathing and focus on my breath and keeping it steady. It kind of worked, and the pace didn't feel too forced. I had a couple mantras I was trying to repeat to myself and Chris was out there cheering and cowbelling so I was trying to remember all of that.
I remember the second beach area "took my breathe away" last year so I tried so so hard to have a positive mind and I ran with my head down- A LOT! I would say where things started going bad was the hill going into what I think is Oysterville (stupid Oysterville.) I believe it was around 9ish. I basically just felt off. I felt that "bonking" feeling and tried to take in my nutrition and settle my mind. I thought if I walked a little I could get my mind back. I did an OK job trying to get back and just push through. I put on a great playlist and just tried to keep it together.
At this point my hands were pretty much frozen numb and at a couple points I felt like I was going to pass out. I honestly don't remember too much of the rest of the race. I think I let out some "AGHHHHs" of frustration somewhere in miles 11 and 12. I thought it would help maybe like how they say people who swear are less angry or something like that  😝
I just did what I could to finish. I felt bad and my face and hands were numb and I just sat as soon as I finished. Chris pulled me into the conference center and I just put my head on the table for awhile haha I kind of scared the lady next to me. AH well.
SO that's that. I was truly DONE feeling when I crossed the finish line. I really don't know what happened because I did think I was prepared and I do want to think I can push myself. 

Where I have been...ending with a Bachelorette 5k

I found this blog draft from September 30, 2016 so... I figured I would post it for ole times sake :D


O hi there... if you would like to just read the part about the bachelorette 5k, kindly scroll down :)

Here you go Greg, this one's for you!

Ok so I know it's bad form to leave your blog just hangin'. The truth is I just became such a great triathlete I just didn't feel this title fit me any more... KIDDING.

I don't know if there is one particular reason I stopped writing here. I would bet one big reason would be that blogging about my various athletic adventures didn't bring me as much joy and humor as it did before. I bet it is because after events at the marathon and trek, the sport became something I approached with fear and trepidation. I've always had to give myself a pump up speech to get in the water (those pond monsters man!) but now I feel that way any time I get on my bike and most of the time when I run a race.

You know the deal:
Ships are safe in the harbor, but that's not what ship's are for. Carpe Diem. You can't see the view if you don't climb the mountain. Life's short, do [some activity that doesn't involve hiding in your house.] Think about why you started. Be stronger than your excuses.

As many motivational quotations as I read, I found that wasn't my underlying problem. I was just scared. I really don't want any more bad things to happen that are associated to the activities that have been such a positive force in my life.

Time heals all wounds. What an obnoxious line to hear (especially when it is usually associated with break ups, ha!) However, there is a lot of truth to the benefits of time. For me, I just like having more "data", if you will, of more times things have gone right rather than gone wrong. I know the only way to achieve this greater data set is to suck it up and participate. I'm getting better but it has definitely been a slow not as fun process.

Excuses are like assholes... I won't finish that line but for those that do know how it goes, I do believe there is a lot of truth to that saying.

The other thing that has taken up my time (and no I won't even try to throw in the BS 'I've been busy' line. That line has been used to me SO MANY TIMES and I'm like EVERYONE IS BUSY. Trust me, if you are reading this post you are probably amazing and really busy and that's probably why we get along.)

CP2 and I moved into together. We got a cat (CP3PO). We are getting married. We bought a house.

Yes, I realize out of the 28 people that clicked the link Greg posted the other day, most of you know all that already :) But hey, for blogging purposes, it's worth pointing out.

That being said, I do have a lot of stories to catch up on. I'll try my best to do so. Of course a lot of our wedding planning stories are tied into our triathlon stories over the last 17 months. Again, thank you Greg for the data point :)

So pretending we are all up to speed, let's get to my Bacherlorette party:

Bachelorette 5k:

I had the best bachelorette party I could have ever imagined. My cousin and her husband told me about how after they got married they ran the Falmouth road race and she ran with a veil on her head and it was the most fun they ever had during a race. I wanted to emulate something similar.

The one thing (although I told her MANY things and she is fabulous and wrote them all down) is that I wanted to run a 5k during my bachelorette. Now before everyone thinks I am the worst bride ever, I stressed it was OPTIONAL.

I also wanted to spend the weekend with my girl loves being in the kind of environment I have enjoyed the most over the last couple of years. I wanted it to be like Saco, Killington and like places we have stayed after races (like Timberman, and yes, we completed Timberman!) A nice combo of all three.

We stayed in the best house ever - that just had the scariest driveway ever. We were actually just down the road from our Timberman house. After getting lost for awhile, we finally found this straight up, dirt, curvy driveway of sorts that had orange construction zones along the way. Comforting!

Friday, September 30, 2016

The tale of my backpack

I know it's been awhile, but this just seemed like the right place to put this story :)

Here is a crazy story for you all to end out this week… So on Tuesday Chris and I were having a fantastic time at the Miike snow concert at the House of Blues, only to come back and find that someone had smashed our back passenger window and stole my backpack. At first I thought, jokes on them because prior to going to the concert I went for a run and showered at the office. The backpack contained my wet towel and sweaty running clothes. But then I started realizing that meant all my favorite running things were gone: my GARMIN, new Bluetooth headphones, my Boston running shoes they don’t make any more, sunglasses, even my work id, all gone :(

I was really really mad. I always put my laptop in the truck, always lock up my wallet, I couldn’t believe it happened since we parked on a major road (Brookline Ave) just passed Beer works and pretty much under a street light. We were only gone for a couple hours and got back to the car around 11:15pm.  We also have dark privacy glass in the back so you really can’t see in.
I told Chris to go look around in surrounding dumpsters trash cans because I figured there would be no way they were keeping the whole overstuffed backpack filled with sweaty cloths. No luck. Crestfallen we drove home not wanting to deal with waiting and waiting around to file at the Police Station.

We took an inventory of all the items and the police report was filled the next day. Chris did a great job trying to find ways to replace all my favorite things (he even found the only pair of those Boston running shoes in my size and ordered them from Australia) He called garmin and begged for a deal to get me a new watch. No dice. All we got was that they marked the device as stolen so if anyone tried to sync it they would get a message telling them it was stolen and garmin would get notified. He told us to "call back if we found it!!" which was annoying, I didn't misplace it in my house, Brett from garmin, someone STOLE it.
About our week we went. Until yesterday I get this call from Chris (sorry Mom, missed your initial call) and he says, “guess what I have?” I made a funny random guess and then he tells me, “I have your backpack.” I don’t believe it. He also tells me my garmin and my Boston shoes are in it. I’m speechless. How? What?
He tells me the police found it because a concerned citizen called it in as a suspicious package. It was found all the way at the end of Brookline Ave on/near Park Drive. My sunglasses, headphones, and coffee mug (we think that it fell out the side pocket) were gone but everything else was there! I was elated!

I do acknowledge that unfortunately the events of our world today are likely the reason why I got my bag back. The poor person who called it in and police officers that had to go investigate went into the situation prepared for my backpack to be containing much more harmful items than a sweaty sports bra. However, it is comforting to know that there are people out there with their eyes out and utilizing the “see something, say something” mentality.
All in all, I’m still in a happy disbelief. I get to do my long run tomorrow with my garmin on my wrist and favorite shoes (that I’m going to start calling my lucky shoes) on my feet :) Shoe order from Australia was cancelled, and o yeah, Brett from garmin, I guess you get the last laugh after all-we found the garmin :)

Friday, March 14, 2014

Confession: I hurt myself aqua jogging

I know it’s been awhile. I have a couple blog post drafts saved (like the one about my Half Ironman) but I just haven’t been able to finish them.

The truth is I just really need the 2014 Boston Marathon day to be here. I love the race and I’m excited and honored to run again this year (especially to be a part of Tedy’s Team), but I have a huge overwhelming feeling of just wanting it to be over. I have been training for this finish line since November 2012. I have been thinking about running the race since 2010 or longer. I’m not sure a single event has ever caused such a large reaction in me. It has made me shy away from people and settings who, in my opinion, “don’t get it” given what they choose to say about the events of that day last year.  It is also probably a major reason I have not written in this blog.

That being said, I haven’t been my same ole happy goofy self. I’m trying to get back there. The best way to start is to laugh more so here is a story that, although not great for marathon training, definitely makes me giggle when I say out loud what happened.

I hurt myself aqua jogging.

So here is the not so fun backstory: I really did hurt my foot running a 16 miler. I have been mostly out from running, I got an MRI, I had to bail from a long last weekend etc… I do not have a stress fracture or anything serious like that, just a strain. I should not have tried to run last week’s long run. I went to PT twice this week and I have the approval to run tomorrow as long as I go slowly and I’m smart about it.

Having to jump on my bike after CP2 had to come pick me up on Comm ave after I failed at my long run :/
You are probably wondering where aqua jogging fits into all of this. Well, I was told to try and “cross train like crazy this week." My swimming has been slacking (to say the least) so I made CP2 force us to go to the pool this week. I was swimming normally, using my swimming paddles, doing drills and I was feeling really good. I heard from a girl at Marathon Sports this week that she once ran 15 miles in the pool because she was injured. Jokingly, I decided to start aqua jogging in the pool and challenged CP2 to a race. He was going to swim and I was going to aqua jog (he gave me a big lead). Just as I realized he was going to win and I decided it would be more fun to cheat and start swimming to beat him. I went to push off in the middle of the pool and my foot/calf that has been the issue went ON FIRE. I got one of the worst Charlie horses’ I have ever gotten in my calf and I was frozen in the pool. CP2 had to help pull me over to the side of the pool and yes, there were other people in the pool at this time. And guess what else? It STILL hurts as I sit here and type this post-and it happened Tuesday night.

When I saw my PT on Thursday she just laughed. She could easily tell there was something wrong with my calf and I endured a lot of painful graston work and deep tissue massaging. OUCH. That being said, I was still able to run on the treadmill for her so she could watch my stride/foot and she gave me approval to run tomorrow. I just have to be slow and smart. Fair enough.

But yes, I’m probably one of the lucky few (or maybe the only one) who has hurt themselves aqua jogging.

Half Ironman Finisher but still bad triathlete ;)

Friday, August 2, 2013

The story of my first Boston Triathlon


It's been quite the busy week and it just so happens that one of the best tri's around is this Sunday! I LOVE Boston Tri (last year's write up) and I'm excited for all those who will be doing it as their first triathlon.

I realized my first Boston Tri is actually one of the many stories that led me to my bad triathlete name. Now I shall finally share it!

Let's go back two years to a younger, even more energetic version of me. Boston Tri was the second triathlon I did in my first year of racing and I was TERRIFIED to be swimming .5 miles (I know, I know, look how much I have grown up.) I had a bachelorette party the night before and I decided I was going to be really well behaved and only go to the pre-game and have one drink.
So well behaved! :)

And home I went!  ...and then I got bored because all my roomies were at the bachelorette and it was too early to go to bed. Then I got invited to go to the Last Drop.

Back in the day, I never really said no to any plans-especially the Last Drop haha It was so easy to go to and so fun to people watch. How could you not love it :)

So there I was just having one jackndiet...ok maybe two...and then BAM my friend gets shots. Ugh. Fine, what's one shot going to do. OK I will leave soon, no worries it's still *kinda* early.  Just as I'm planning to leave... shot #2 arrives. I protest a bunch but ultimately I surrender and take it too. See BAD triathlete. I think I went to bed at 3am only to be up at 5am when Greg was picking me up.

The day was like a hurricane or something. Curmudgeon told me that the swim would be "as smooth as glass" and any regular day in Southie Bay/Carson Beach area, it is. Today was super choppy, crazy windy, rainy, gross out. BUT I finished the race with a smile on my face :)

What a beautiful day for a race!
Finishing down the beach!
My friend that i was out with the night before texted me to ask me how the race went. I decided he needed a little payback for making me do the shots. I told him I did so bad and was struggling so much that I had to have a kayak pull me out of the water and I wasn't allowed to finish the rest of the race. He quickly apologized and said how bad he felt. I let it go on for a little but and then I said I felt bad as well...because I was just kidding! :)

So there you have it, a blast from the past post from the Bad Triathlete mental archives. Good luck to all you newbs who are doing this race as your first tri! You will love it.

Remember, two shot maximum/two hour sleep minimum the night before the race and you will be fine!

Yours truly,
-Much better bad triathlete than I was before ;)

Monday, July 29, 2013

Triathlons Are Like Summer Camp

I've been meaning to write this post for awhile and I'm choosing to write it now because I think I need the friendly reminder :)

What I love about triathlons is that the race is basically like a day at summer camp. Swimming! Biking! Running! All activities that we so eagerly looked forward to as kids. Especially biking. Biking was our first opportunity at independent transportation and was our own little method of freedom. FREEEEEEEDOM :)

I'm choosing to remind myself of this fact today because I had quite the painful bike ride this Saturday. The Timberman course has this super nasty hill. I made it through but holy was hard. My new speed fill straw kept jumping around and smacking me in the face (this is why we do training rides with new equipment) and I realized I must wear biking shorts on race day. Then it came time for the post bike ride brick run. I actually felt pretty great and the view was exactly what I needed. Out and back right along Lake Winnipesaukee with beautiful lake homes to keep you entertained. I realized, although there is that hill that makes me want to not do the race all together, the venue, the people, the ability to even consider doing such a race, is what is actually making me excited to do the race. 

This tri-season has been different without Black Fly. I always loved Black Fly because a whole bunch of us Zoomers went up to NH for the weekend and hung out and raced together for the 3 days of the event. I feel like Timberman is going to be that weekend...except all the racing will be done in one day! I'm really just reminding myself, it's not everyday you get to swim in a beautiful lake surrounded by mountains, bike on country roads (and maybe you go over some of those mountains) and run next to the water as boats are coming by and people are out just enjoying the gorgeous view from their homes. Adult summer camp :) And hell, I guess you can always walk-I'm going to try very hard not to though! I figure, if last year I ran a half marathon spraining my ankle 2 weeks prior, I can do this. It just may not be so pretty. 

I was also reminded of how fun racing can be the other day. Last week was a crazy mess for a whole number of reasons (including leaving my wetsuit at Walden-D'oh!) and one of the nights I was bolting over to Waltham (stuck in tons of traffic) to attend the Tedy's Team meeting about the Falmouth road race. I rushed in starting looking over the logistics, formulating a plan in my mind about how to accomplish this "task." In my mind I went over when was the best time to leave Boston, when to pick up my packet, how to be dropped off on race day, where to meet up on race day etc... and then I heard the words "after party". O right, this is a fun race, Tedy will be there, we will all be hanging out and celebrating after. RACING IS FUN :)

We don't look for worse of the wear after biking and running the course, right? Do I look a year older now?
I'm also sad I don't have any photos to post from Saco Bday weekend or other riding/running events. Now I have a new camera so more photos to come! A big thank you to +1 for driving to and from NH last weekend and this past weekend. (I was also kind of a whiner on the big hill and he gave lots of great encouragement to get me through it.)

Here we go Camp Timberman! TRIATHLONS ARE ADULT SUMMER CAMP :)

-Older (wiser?) but still a bad triathlete

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Attitude re-adjustment still in progress but 2 years a triathlete!

O well hello there!

I know my last post was kind of a bummer. I can't say I feel 100% back to my usual self but I'm taking it day by day. I still haven't regained my faith and positive outlook on the general population but hopefully that will come in time. I had a pretty great and relaxing 4th and that was a major help.

In case you weren't following my NEW badtriathlete tweets (wait why aren't you??

I'll provide some general fitness updates with badtriathlete flair and pictures :)

The weekend started off by battling the traffic down to Gillete to run the 10k that finishes on the 50 yard line of Gillete stadium. Holy hot/humid day! I was really trying to hit my 55min goal but goddddamn it was hot. I also had boloco on the drive down (oops!) so I had mega stomach pain the whole time. I did pretty well the first 5 miles but then bonked hard/felt like I was going to faint/got goose bumps and all my regular bad triathlete symptoms. Oops! It was nice having so many friends doing the race from my Reach the Beach Team, Zoom, Tedy's Team etc... and +1 (aka Chris) did his first official 10k! I think I was more proud of him than I cared about my time.

After the race we drove down to Hyannis. And yes, there was still traffic at 11pm :/ The Cape is so pretty and I didn't realize the house was pretty much on the Hyannis Half Marathon course that I ran in February!

I tried to be good about getting in training but it was so freakin hot! I tried going out for a run and sticking near the shore for the sea breeze but it wasn't too helpful. There was a girl running behind me and when I stopped to take a picture of the pretty view she passed me with something interesting in her hand:

 Running with a bottle of wine! Brillant! Why didn't I think of that?! Such a bad triathlete move!

Her next move confused me though:
Umm...? Chick that white wine belongs on the fridge if you are saving it for later!

I suffered through some more heat and finally it was time to go to the beach. We decided, despite the heat, to bike over to the prettier bigger beach on the other side of the bay. As we were biking home Chris gets into aero. TOOL! ;) Who gets into aero wearing a bathing suit after the beach? And then I suddenly felt empowered. I wanted to finally ride in aero too! So yes, the first time I fully rode in aero was when I was wearing my bikini top and jean shorts biking back from the beach like a tool. Can you think of a more badtriathlete first time for aero?

The rest of the trip was full of more Tour de France watching, Cape Cod beer drinking, beach attending and great hospitality by Chris' cousin. Here are some more pretty pics:

I didn't realize we were so close to the Kennedy Compound
Pic from my run

+1 refused to remove his sweater at the beach hehe
Right before the fireworks :)

After we got back to Brighton, we jumped on our bike trainers and biked while watching the Tour (stolen idea from Sherpa). What a great way to get some miles in! We did a brick run after and it felt like woof. All that humidity, makes me feel so nauseous when we run. O well.

I attended a nice butt kicking core fusion yoga class last night taught by a fellow Tedy's Teamer. I realized, yoga may just be what I need right now. This class was fast and intense but there is just something about only working with your own body that is very peaceful no matter what the speed. Lululemon is putting on these free classes on Tuesdays for the next couple of weeks and I'm going to try to attend. I'm hoping it will help with the mental re-adjustment I have been looking for.

With my second Olympic this coming Sunday I reluctantly headed out to Walden this morning. Chris' commitment to data is so intense that he spirited back out to his apartment at 4:30 this morning to grab his forgotten garmin before Greg came to pick us up. I've been trying to be better about data as well and I've been wearing my heart rate monitor every workout including this morning. I was so proud of myself for wearing after we finished the swim. I was then informed it does not work in the water so I basically wore it for nothing. Trying to make me feel better, I was informed I could see my heart rate before and after the swim though! Great.... haha At least I didn't wear it to see Coach tomorrow for our swim lesson and look like a dummy then!

The Timehop app also reminded me that today is a very important day: It's my two year anniversary of my first ever triathlon!!! My how the time has flown. It seems like just yesterday Curmudgeon was ripping the reflectors and kick stand off my mountain bike that I had lugged up to Black Fly Tri in NH. Talk about being nervous! I had no idea how two years later I would be about a month out from my first half Ironman and how much triathlons have changed my life :)

In the spirit of a picture filled post, here are some pics from start of my badtriathlete lifestyle!

No really, I rode my mountain bike before I got my road bike to make sure I "liked" triathlons..hehe road/rode/rowed
Sprinting to down the finisher's chute!

My Mom and godmother drove up and surprised me! Aww my old car! Definitely did not finish #1... haha

There is your picture filled update, happy July :) I'm going to try and bring my mindset back to the girl in the picture above who was just so happy and amazed she finished her first triathlon. I never knew I could ever be capable of finishing such an event.

If you have time check out: My exciting Tedy's Team update!

But more on that to come later :)

Happy training everyone! Follow me on twitter for more up to the minute badtriathlete action :)